The governor of the Kursk region built fake defense structures worth 10 billion

Instead of fortifications, simulated defense lines were built in the Kursk region.

The underground in the Kursk region sent a photo of imitation defense structures, on which Governor Starovoit spent more than 10 billion rubles. Starovoyt himself stated that: “The work on staffing and construction of two reinforced defense lines has been completed in the Kursk region, the work was carried out jointly with the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Border Management of the Kursk region. The third line of defense will be ready by November 5.”

Apart from the fact that we see very “reinforced lines of defense”, no one sees a single soldier. According to the National Resistance Center, almost the entire line of the state border is empty. Artillery sometimes arrives to shell the civilian population of Ukraine, and special units of the GRU and SSO of the Russian Federation arrive to carry out terrorist attacks on the territory of the Sumy region.

Everything is connected with the imitation of violent activities of the military aggressor in the border area.

The National Resistance Center continues to monitor enemy activity and thanks for the information.

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