The importance of choice. How the life of traitors changes

In war, the cost of choice increases, and every decision carries more weight. The National Resistance Center tells about the typical life of a collaborator.

We have already reported more than once that nobody likes traitors and that is why they are constantly in danger. And these are not just words. For example, in Kherson Oblast, the occupiers detained Yekaterina Gubareva, the wife of another well-known traitor from Donetsk Oblast, Pavlo Gubareva. The collaborator worked in the occupation administration, and it seems that the redistribution of power has begun in the region and no one needs her anymore.

All collaborators have their weight and reasons for betrayal. Some of them were recruited a long time ago, and some decided to simply earn easy money and climb the career ladder.

The scale of betrayal is different: someone is “simply” in the “referendum” commission, someone is a self-proclaimed village head, and someone is a “leader” of the region. But as a result, they all have a similar fate:

  • instant success in the form of a position and monetary reward;
  • working out the task of curators;
  • payback for your crimes.

The first leaders of the captured regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are no longer alive or have been removed from power. Because the traitors are just a puppet of the Kremlin for the “return of the original lands”. However, Russia “returns the lands”, not the people. The latter are only a resource. The collaborator’s task is to simulate the support of the local population and create the “legitimacy” of the occupation.

When the Russians believe that the “occupation is over”, the traitors begin to die, go to prison, or in the best case, hide somewhere on the territory of the Russian Federation. Instead, Russian tour players get positions of power.

Even those who are still in “power” are actually prisoners. The self-proclaimed leaders of the temporarily occupied territories live in restricted quarters under the supervision of Russian soldiers and cannot make unnecessary movements without permission.

At the same time, all “high-profile” traitors, such as Balytskyi, Saldo, or even Kovalev, who decided to gain power by cooperating with the enemy, could remain loyal to Ukraine – to keep their fortunes and the usual comfort of their lives. Now they are prisoners (and the blacksmith is dead) with a predetermined fate, and their children are deprived of a future. All this is the price of their choice.

And we are not talking about partisans, because not all traitors are lucky enough to have enhanced protection from the FSB. Therefore, many people become easy prey of the local underground.

Traitors are of little importance, or deported to Russia, where they are no longer needed by anyone. Or Russia abandons them during the retreat, and they are responsible for their crimes according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. That is, they also pay for their choice.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that every traitor, regardless of the “weight” and degree of the crime, will not escape punishment. Therefore, we call on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories not to cooperate with the enemy and to make the right choice. Do not repeat other people’s mistakes.

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