The independent nation. The happy mother of heroes

On August 24, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Independence, which it is heroically defending these days fighting against the imperial invasion of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine was given little chance to win this war, and only general unity gave us a chance to win. This is exactly what happened: the whole country united in the fight against the enemy. Right now, Ukrainians are creating a new heroic epic in the struggle, where the victory will be the defense of our independence.

Weapons cannot defeat free people, so it is no secret for anyone in the world that Russia has already lost. It’s only a matter of time before she admits it. Thanks to the brave civil resistance combined with the heroism of the Ukrainian military, we defended the capital and the north of the country. Now the whole civilized world is helping us, because this is a war against autocracy, and therefore it is also a war for their freedom. Currently, the struggle continues for the south and east of our country, and the resolution is near. It will be disappointing for the Russians.

The National Resistance Center thanks all the daughters and sons of Ukraine who are currently defending our freedom. At the same time, we call on all residents to boycott the referendum, to ignore the Russian passports of the TOT, and if possible to leave the temporarily occupied territories while the Armed Forces of Ukraine is liberating the region.

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