The invaders are looting the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhia region

The Russians are increasing the rate of looting on an industrial scale in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region.

Yes, in Melitopol, the occupiers continue to rob Ukrainian state-owned enterprises. In particular, the enemy ransacked the equipment of PrivatBank branches, taking away even the furniture. Russians call all this “nationalization”.

Also, Russian marauders are robbing recreation centers in Kyrylivka. In particular, the occupiers dismantle boilers, air conditioners and other household appliances. Robbery takes place centrally, under the supervision of the military.

Previously, the collaborators created a list of “draw” complexes. We are talking about those objects, the owners of which refused to cooperate with the enemy.

The National Resistance Center notes that all these robberies are recorded by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and all property owners will receive compensation from the reparations that the Russian Federation will pay after the war.

For now, we advise TOT residents to leave the region until it is released and not to cooperate with the occupiers.

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