The invaders cannot find collaborators to work in their service centers

The invaders are unable to staff their service centers (the occupation’s equivalent of ASCs) in the temporarily occupied territories due to a lack of local staff.

In the TOT of eastern Ukraine, Russians are facing a staffing crisis. The reasons are that the majority of the population has left the region (including a large number deported to Russia), and others have been mobilized or deliberately refused to work for the enemy. 

As a result, the “multifunctional centers” have a staffing level of 60%, which does not allow them to start their full-fledged work. It is worth noting that these centres are responsible for the certification of the region and other documentation. Therefore, their lack of staff directly destroys the Kremlin’s plans.

The National Resistance Centre calls for further ignoring the enemy’s initiatives. At the same time, we warn that working for the enemy will have consequences and no one will be able to avoid responsibility after the de-occupation of the region.
We would like to remind you that you can report an enemy or collaborator here.

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