The invaders in Kherson could not find a sufficient number of people willing to study or work in their “schools”

Russians are preparing for the school year, but not all schools will open on September 1 because there are not so many people willing to receive a “Russian education” in the city.

A large number of children with their parents escaped for the free territories of Ukraine, the rest are sabotaging the process. Also, most teachers do not want to cooperate with the enemy so the Russians had to import teachers from the Crimea and the Russian Federation.

In general, pro-Ukrainian sentiment prevails in the city and the underground continues to convey its position to the occupiers on the walls and streets of the native city.

Note that the invaders understand their position in the city and that they are not here for long. That is why the number of thefts of luxury cars has recently increased. Russian servicemen are looting garage cooperatives in Kherson at the direction of collaborators

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