The Kadyrov’s forces take control of the occupied Donbas

The Kadyrov`s soldiers take control of the occupied Donbas

Chechen militant Ramzan Kadyrov is strengthening his power in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

This is facilitated by a large number of Kadyrov`s men, most of whom are in the rear and have unlimited power in the region. They are actively looting the region, taking equipment from enterprises and just jewelry to Chechnya.

At the same time, a prosecutor loyal to Kadyrov, Hleb Mikhailov from Dagestan, was appointed to Luhansk, who brought his own prosecutors. His task will be, in addition to repression, to legalize the crimes of Kadirov citizens in the region. The first result of cooperation was sending 200 difficult teenagers to Chechnya for “military-patriotic education”. The children were brought to the republic under the federal program “Teenagers of Russia”. According to Kadyrov, “preventive work with the aim of military-patriotic education” will be carried out with them.

At the same time, delegations from Chechnya are almost constantly in Donetsk, monitoring the fulfillment of their duties by the Gauleiter of the region to Kadyrov. In particular, during the week in Donetsk came the so-called Minister of Information of Chechnya Akhmet Dudayev, Member of Parliament of Chechnya Jamalai Zakriev and Kadyrov’s advisor Umar Daudov. Chechen singer Elina Murtazova visited Donetsk together with them.

For his “patronage” Kadyrov has already received a “hero” from the hands of the collaborators Pushilin and the Pasechnyk.

In fact, we have a typical horde tactic, when Putin gathers his vassals on a conquest campaign, where the reward is the right to plunder the region. However, the Kadyrov people are robbing, and the entire Russian Federation will have to compensate for the losses to Ukraine and pay reparations.

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