The Kremlin promises increased payments to former law enforcement officers at TOT

The Russians are trying to retain power in the temporarily occupied territories, in particular by increasing payments to former law enforcement officers.

The Kremlin is handing out increased pensions to former security forces employees at TOT to gain loyalty. In particular, former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office, and other services, including former law enforcement officers of the USSR.

In this way, the enemy wants to create a layer of loyal families, many of which have a certain influence in populated areas. However, the increase in payments has already created tension among the active imported policemen in the region, who are unhappy that they have been deprived.

The National Resistance Center notes that the Russians were and will remain only occupiers on our lands who will not be able to buy the loyalty of the local population. We know where their positions, warehouses, and accumulations of equipment are. Therefore, such actions will not help the enemy.

You can report on enemy positions by following the link.

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