The Kremlin traditionally lies to the population of the TOT


Analysis of Telegram channels and the information space of the TOT of Donetsk region indicates that there is dissatisfaction among the residents of the occupied region, which agreed to the proposal of the occupation administration to leave for the territory of the Russian Federation.

In particular, the key topic for discussion is the social-economic oppression of the “evacuated” residents of the Donetsk region in the territory of the Russian Federation, as they have not had access to social benefits, the labor market, and health care services for months.

At the same time, the attention is focused on the fact that the Kremlin misled the population of the TOT by promising to provide everything they need immediately in exchange for leaving for the Russian Federation, but instead, they are forced to accept Russian citizenship. Without a Russian passport, people are denied any services and access to social-economic benefits.

The National Resistance Center reminds that the top military and political leadership of the Russian Federation systematically misinforms and misleads the population of the TOT of southern and eastern Ukraine about their social status in case they agree to travel to the Russian Federation.

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