The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation organizes the kidnapping of Ukrainian children from TOT

The Ministry of Nature of the terrorist country organized a “rest” from the temporarily occupied territories of 77 children from the Zaporizhzhia region in Stavropol.

In addition to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the occupation administration and the “teachers” of the Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute, who conduct “educational activities” for Ukrainian children, namely brainwashing them, are responsible for their kidnapping.

It should be noted that children’s brainwashing “rest” is organized on TOT under the guise of “rehabilitation”. Many such children are no longer returned to Ukraine, because they are often taken without the permission of their parents or the permission is obtained through pressure.

In the future, children are given either to their parents, if they go to pick them up personally, or to “guardians”.

At the same time, we note that the Russian Federation has blocked the departure of TOT residents to free Ukraine since November 2022. That is, if we were talking about “evacuation”, then a “green corridor” and a working checkpoint would be enough.

However, due to the huge flow of residents fleeing from the “liberators”, people are now being held hostage in the region. They are offered the only option of departure – to the Russian Federation itself for the purpose of further assimilation. That is, the enemy is carrying out a policy of genocide in the region.

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