The network of pseudo-social movements on TOT

The Russian regime is dissatisfied with the forced mobilization pace in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. And launched its tentacles in the form of “social movements” that should help “integrate” the occupied regions into the “Russian world” (Russki mir). However, it’s not so easy to do.

The leader of the occupiers, Vladimir Putin, launched a full-scale invasion, counting on the Ukrainians to meet Russian troops as liberators. The reality turned out to be the opposite – the residents of the temporarily occupied territories are well aware that the Russian Federation is an enemy, refuse their Russian “passports” and leave to avoid mobilization.

There were far fewer traitors than the aggressor had expected – and even those had already managed to realize that the Russian Federation considered them only as a resource that could be sacrificed as soon as such a need arose.

Moscow is forced to react. In particular, the Kremlin threatens to remove from power the local collaborators of the so-called “LNR” and replace them with imported bureaucrats from the Russian Federation, if success is not demonstrated in the further mobilization of Ukrainians into the ranks of the occupation army.

However, the losses suffered by the Russian army forced the occupiers to look for new methods of involving Ukrainians in the war against their own country. As such a method, they consider not only enforcement, but also the propaganda of the “Russian world”. Therefore, it is not surprising that the activity of the occupiers has been observed recently in this direction.

Thus, on January 27, a meeting was held between the head of the TOT of the Zaporizhia Region, Evgeny Balitsky, and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill Gundyaev. According to our information, the meeting discussed the issue of confiscation of the property of Christian communities in the occupied part of the Zaporizhia region and its transfer to the Russian Orthodox Church, which has always been one of the most powerful mouthpieces of anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

In addition to the brainwashing carried out by the Russian Orthodox Church, the collaborators are also intensifying the activities of the Russian organization DOSAAF (“Voluntary Society for the Assistance of the Army, Aviation and Navy”), which dates back to Soviet times. In particular, on January 27, the Gauleiter of the TOT of Crimea Aksyonov met with the head of “DOSAAF Crimea” Popov to discuss the activation of activities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and at the TOT of the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

With the help of DOSAAF, collaborators plan to militarize Ukrainian children. Every child who goes to the Russian schools that are being created in the occupied territories will be subjected to ideological brainwashing, which should raise mankurts who will be ready to fight against Ukraine in the future.

At the same time, the Kremlin is creating a “civilian sector” field with the help of manual NGOs, which are responsible for involving local initiatives of the enemy. For example, Yulia Drozhyna, a member of the Duma of the Russian Federation, who oversees Russian student units and headed the “Putin’s volunteer staff” during the so-called Presidential elections of the Russian Federation in 2018.

She did not come for nothing, but to establish the coordination of the networks of “social movements” that the Russian Federation is deploying on TOT. In particular, more than 65 “public organizations” operate in the TOT of Luhansk region, which are involved in the ideological treatment of the local population. All these organizations are financed directly from the federal budget of the Russian Federation, and some of them mimic humanitarian goals.


In particular:

  •  “Luhansk Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Movement (ARPM) “Volunteers of Victory”;

These “volunteers” have been on the Kremlin’s payroll since their creation in 2015. In fact, the organization is engaged in attracting crowds to the “immortal regiments” – propaganda actions that Moscow organizes on May 9, because the topic of the Second World War is the cornerstone of the cult of death in the Russian Federation, which is created by the Kremlin.

The director of this movement is Anastasia Ryabova (Shumakova), the winner of the Volodymyr Potanin (Kremlin oligarch) scholarship competition. However, the real curator of the movement is Olga Zanko (Amelchenkova), a member of the State Duma from Putin’s United Russia party, which is under EU and US sanctions.

In the occupied areas of Luhansk region, the “participants of the movement” are mainly “volunteers” brought from the Russian Federation, who in branded clothes create a mask for the Gauleiter’s events and imitate local support. At the same time, they have carte blanche from the occupation administration and conduct agitation in the territories of the so-called Higher education institutions in the region, and membership in the movement helps local students “facilitate” the learning process.


  •  “Luhansk regional branch of the ARPM of volunteers in the field of health care “Volunteers – doctors”;

Another organization, which is covered with good intentions, but in fact are Kremlin agents of influence, at whose expense it is financed. The organization was created in 2017 and aims to allegedly provide medical assistance (in particular, diagnostics).

The director of the movement is Anastasia Zatsepurina, who constantly travels with campaigning to TOT, where she conducts propaganda events with collaborators. However, the founders of the movement are more interesting, because among them is Artur Savelov, who is not related to medicine, but from 2014 to 2015 he headed the secretariat of the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council.

Pavel Savchuk is also worthy of attention. He is not only a co-founder of “volunteers – doctors”, but also a member of the coordination center “MyVmeste” – which coordinates Kremlin “volunteers” from various artificial movements. But most importantly, Savchuk heads the Russian Red Cross organization and, from 2023, will be a member of the Council under the Government of the Russian Federation on matters of care in the social sphere.

It should be noted that from 2014 to 2016 he managed the Kremlin project “Victory 70”, which was involved in organizing a mass of students to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany.

Returning to the “volunteer doctors”, the propagandists do not hide the fact that the movement is engaged in transporting Russian doctors to treat the occupiers, examining Ukrainian children for further deportation, and replacing local doctors who left the region due to Russian aggression.

Also in Luhansk region work following organizations: “Representative of the Russian Union of Youth in the People’s Republic of China”, “Regional Department of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth in the People’s Republic of China”, the aforementioned “Luhansk Headquarters of the All-Russian Project “MyVmeste” and others.

At the same time, according to the occupation administration of the Russian Federation, more than 570,000 young people (up to 35 years old) live in the TOT of the Luhansk region, including 231,000 people – in the territories occupied after February 24, 2022. Most likely, these numbers are overestimated, but nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of our youth remain in the region, on whom the forces and attention of Russian propaganda are now directed.

The Center of National Resistance emphasizes that the real goal of the Kremlin movements is to create a network of propaganda cells, like the Komsomol. In this way, Moscow expects to destroy the self-identification of an entire generation of Ukrainians, which according to international law is an act of genocide.

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