The NRC calls for reporting on the movement of Russian equipment

One of the main tasks of the Defense Forces of Ukraine this winter is to destroy the logistical supply routes for the Russian army, and every resident of the temporarily occupied territories can help us do this.

In the Russian army, the logistics model is built on railways, and due to the limited capacity of the Crimean bridge, ports (in particular, the Kerch crossing) also play an important role. We call on every Ukrainian on the TOT to help us cut off the enemy’s supply routes.

Notify the NRC about the movement of enemy equipment to our Resistance. Bot in Telegram. The Defense Forces are ready to convert your every message into successful strikes: on airfields, railway junctions, ports and simply places where the occupiers gather.

We have repeatedly shown the Russians how it works in Berdyansk, Makiivka, Luhansk, Sevastopol and other captured settlements on the TOT.

This winter should be the last for the occupiers in Ukraine, and no Russian air defense will help the Russians to hide from missiles, cold and hunger this winter.

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