The number of robberies of the civilian population increased on the TOT

On the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region, the number of cases of local robberies by representatives of the occupying forces increased.

The Russian soldiers steal cars and money under the pretext of fighting the partisans. People are accused of disloyalty and helping the Defense Forces, after which their homes are looted.

The reason for this, in addition to the so-called “mystery of the Russian soul”, is low discipline in the Soviet Union, due to which drunkenness and cases of desertion also flourish in the enemy’s army. As a result of the current situation, the invaders’ administration even complained to the Kremlin, because “anti-Russian sentiment” already prevails in the region.

As a reminder, you can transmit information via the link about the enemy’s personnel and its location, and the Resistance Movement will eliminate the invaders.

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