The occupation administrations in the TOT fail to control the “Wagnerites”

In the temporarily occupied territories, the number of crimes committed by representatives of PMC “Wagner” is growing.
Prigozhin’s mercenaries continue to terrorize civilians in the TOT. They steal cars, rape locals and arrange drunken riots. Against this background, the so-called Russian law enforcement officers cannot cope with mercenaries beyond their control. Neither the prosecutor’s office imported from the territory of the Russian Federation nor the National Guardsmen have any influence on the “Wagnerites”. The increase in crimes by mercenaries is associated with the aggravation of the conflict between Shoigu and Prigozhin. The latter is trying to destabilize the situation in the regions in order to undermine the Kremlin’s confidence in Shoigu.
The Center of National Resistance reminds mercenaries and every occupier who set foot on Ukrainian land that everyone will answer for their crimes and mockery of Ukrainians. The time of retribution is approaching.
Today, every resident of the TOT can help bring our victory closer. To do this, we urge you to inform about the deployment and pressing of the enemy.

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