The occupation authorities in the TOT of the south are losing trust among local collaborators

In the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine, the occupation administrations conducted a study, which found that the level of support for the Russian occupation forces (ROF) and the Russian occupation administration (ROA) in this direction has remained at a low level for the past four months. Therefore, about 5% of residents of the occupied regions of southern Ukraine have openly pro-Russian sentiments, and about 50% have a Ukrainian position. The remaining 45% of the region’s residents have doubts and have taken a wait-and-see attitude.

According to the Ukrainian underground, these results indicate that the threat to the ROA and ROF is growing rapidly, and the occupiers’ attempts to enlist the support of the local population have not been successful.

The National Resistance Center reminds local collaborators in the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine to refuse to cooperate with the occupation regime and not to expose themselves to criminal prosecution in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

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