The occupiers are actively trying to recruit teenagers from TOT to their side

The Russians conduct propaganda activities to recruit teenagers and destroy their self-awareness.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories, the propaganda center “molodoy yug” (“the young south”) is active, which organizes leisure activities for teenagers, and in fact is a recruitment center.

The backbone of the movement is made up of “volunteers” from the Russian Federation (activists of the youth wing of “United Russia”), the movement also has several local collaborators. The movement is engaged in the organization of a rally, and organizes lectures among young people for Russian politicians, bloggers and pop stars, who are brought to the TOT by the Kremlin for propaganda purposes.

At the same time, forced participation of schoolchildren in “patriotic schools” such as “Zarnitsa” and “Orlenok” is organized among high school students in Crimea. In fact, this is a militaristic game where children are brainwashed about the war in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Center of National Resistance reported that the Russians are creating cells of their “youth army” in the south, which is being formed among schoolchildren. Cells of the Russian analogue of the “Hitler Youth” (children’s army in Nazi Germany) were created in Genichesk (Kherson Oblast) and Melitopol (Zaporizh Oblast). Participation in the association is supposedly voluntary, but the experience of most regions shows that it will eventually become compulsory.

The National Resistance Center urges parents, if possible, to leave the region with their children and not become a resource for the enemy. Provide your children with a future. We will return home after the de-occupation of the territory.

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