The occupiers are brainwashing Crimean children

In mid-May, Russians held “military-patriotic education” events for schoolchildren in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

To carry out the events, the occupiers engaged mercenaries of the “private military campaign “Levadia”. The children were taught how to fire automatic weapons and provide first aid.

We would like to remind you that the occupiers are forming “youth army” cells on the TOT, where children are being prepared for combat operations against Ukraine.

“Youth army” is a militaristic association of schoolchildren under the auspices of the Ministry of “Defense” of the Russian Federation, similar to the “Hitler Youth” in Nazi Germany. Participation in the union is supposedly voluntary, but in most regions of the Russian Federation, schoolchildren are forcibly enrolled in the ranks of the “youth army”.

It should be noted that the policy of brainwashing children at TOT is a sign of genocide, because it is aimed at changing the self-identification of an entire generation.

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