The occupiers are bringing workers from the Russian Federation to Mariupol and cannot find local collaborators in the south

The occupation authorities faced a shortage of collaborators.

About 250 specialists in the field of electric power have arrived to occupied Mariupol already. More than 700 people are expected in the near future. In the city destroyed by the Russians, there were not enough collaborators who were ready to work for the occupier to restore normal work in the city.

In the southern regions, the situation is critical for the Russians. During the occupation, they could not find a sufficient number of locals who would agree to work with them. Therefore, the economic situation in the region is catastrophic. People resist and refuse to sign contracts with the occupiers.

Therefore, the Russian authorities made changes to the Russian law on veterans. From now on, Russia will recognize civilians who were sent to war in Ukraine as veterans. For example, this applies to all employees of occupation administrations. This is necessary in order to make work in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine more “attractive” for Russians. However they refuse to go south because they are afraid of local partisans. And they are certainly right.

Reminder, the occupiers plan to postpone the “referendum” in the south again.

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