The occupiers are confiscating TOT factories that refuse to run at full capacity

In Berdyansk, the occupiers shut down three factories that refused to run production facilities at full capacity.

According to the statements of the collaborators, the factories were “nationalized” and a “temporary administration” was introduced to them. In fact, the enterprises were confiscated by the occupiers and handed over to the Russians, due to the management’s refusal to cooperate with the enemy.

Note that the occupiers plan to transfer all business in the temporarily occupied territories to the Russian “legal field” by the middle of 2024. Such terms are established due to the fact that local enterprises refuse to be registered with the occupation tax authorities.

Also, business on TOT is in no hurry to switch to settlement in rubles. Due to the refusal to completely switch to the ruble, the occupiers threaten fines. In particular, at the TOT of the Zaporizhia region, for non-compliance with the requirements of the Russians, the entrepreneur must pay a fine of 5 thousand Russian rubles. This is if the violation occurs for the first time. The second time – 25 thousand rubles.

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