The occupiers are deporting TOT residents to the south of the Russian Federation

In order to correct the demographic situation in the southern republics, the Russians are “evacuating” Ukrainians there.

However, such evacuation is not voluntary. In fact, Moscow first generates a humanitarian crisis in the region and takes away medical, educational and pharmacy facilities from there.

When life is no longer in the city, residents are told about the offensive of the Armed Forces and bombing, and deadlines are set, which put psychological pressure on people. Although this does not happen later (see the liberation of Kherson).

As a result, when the civilian population from the temporarily occupied territories, mainly from the Kherson region, succumbs to panic, they are “evacuated” to the southern federal district of the Russian Federation. In particular, the Krasnodar and Stavropol regions. At the same time, exit to free Ukraine is closed, which destroys the myth of Moscow propagandists about caring for the population. All the locals who remain are forced to live in the conditions of a food and humanitarian crisis. At the same time, repression against the civilian population is intensifying.

Ukrainians are resettled in regions that have been actively populated by the peoples of the Caucasus in recent decades. Therefore, the Kremlin needs to balance the demographic situation in the region. After all, the Kremlin does not reject the scenario of active liberation movements of peoples inhabiting the Russian Federation.

For active resettlement, the government of the Russian Federation adopted a separate resolution numbered 1876. According to it, deported Ukrainians will receive one-time assistance of 100,000 Russian rubles, and the state will compensate for the purchase of housing. However, this is only on paper, because there are no payments. On the spot, Ukrainians are informed that they need to provide “some new documents” and that money is not issued. Therefore, the compensation mechanism does not work.

Russians also act through children. They are lured to the same regions, under the pretext of rehabilitation in camps, and then not returned to their parents. Parents leave to pick up their children, but they are no longer allowed to return, because there is “martial law” in the region.

The Russians are working according to Soviet methods and are trying to destroy the Ukrainian nation. As they did it 100 years ago, arranging waves of deportations. In particular, Operation “West” of 1947, when in order to break the Resistance Movement in the western regions of Ukraine, over 200,000 Ukrainians were deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

Today, the Russians are deliberately limiting the ability of Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories to leave for the territory under the control of the Government of Ukraine. In fact, the enemy organizes the filtering of the population and determines the direction of deportation of Ukrainians.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the population of the TOT to leave for territories controlled by Ukraine. This possibility remains. In particular, through the Vasylivka checkpoint (Zaporizhia region).

We are aware of the difficulties that await on this path, but this is the path to safety, the path to our own. And after the end of the Armed Forces operation to liberate our territories, you will be able to return to your native, free home. Free, like Kherson and others freed from the occupiers of the land.

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