The occupiers are destroying the tourist infrastructure in the TOT

Thus, the occupied Kyrylivka, which has been occupied for the second year, used to be actually the most favorite vacation spot for Ukrainians. However, today the resort village is experiencing the worst times, as the Russian occupation troops liberated the village from holidaymakers, and local residents from earnings. As a result, a large number of local residents were forced to leave their homes and move to the territory controlled by Ukraine.
According to available information, the russians squeezed out all available recreation centers in this settlement and converted their intended purpose from tourist to military. Therefore, today you can see a deserted resort and the Sea of Azov without people on the beach. This causes great pain and sadness, but we know that the occupation is a temporary phenomenon and soon the occupiers will die from our land.
We remind you that all information about collaborators and representatives of the occupation forces can be transferred to an anonymous telegram bot of resistance.

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