The occupiers are exchanging local collaborators for Russian citizens at the TOT of Donetsk region

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region, a “prosecutor’s office” is being created anew, because local collaborators do not share enough bribes “to the top”.

The Russian occupiers created a liquidation commission for the so-called “General Prosecutor’s Office of the DPR”, which is managed by local collaborators. The reason is that the Russian leadership is dissatisfied with the amount of corruption “fees” that this “structure” transfers to the top. Instead of the old “organ”, a new “prosecutor’s office of the DPR” with a different tax number is already being created, to be managed by citizens of the Russian Federation who were specifically sent to the TOT.

We will remind that the occupiers of the Luhansk region’s TOT are trying to restart the system of forced mobilization.

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