The occupiers are looking for new ways to motivate the troops

In the TOT of eastern and southern Ukraine, the Russian occupying forces are looking for new opportunities to encourage local residents to participate in the so-called “svo”.

In this regard, the enemy intends to make appropriate changes to his “federal” laws “on education”. Therefore, the Russians will try to simplify the conditions for admission to educational institutions for persons who directly undergo military service in the ranks of the Russian occupation forces and take an active part in the war against Ukraine, as well as additionally encourage their family members to undergo free education at the so-called “budget places” in higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

The enemy realizes that all previous arguments for attracting additional forces to the so-called “svo” have been exhausted at the moment, so the enemy motivates the occupiers to obtain illusory “benefits” for themselves and their children.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that the collaborators who decided to cooperate with the Russian occupation forces will be recorded by the Ukrainian underground on the TOT and will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine at the appropriate moment.

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