The occupiers are mass resettling soldiers in schools in the Luhansk region

In the temporarily occupied areas of the Luhansk region, schoolchildren are forcibly transferred to distance learning in order to make room for the military of the Russian Federation.

Officially, schoolchildren are transferred to avoid the spread of acute respiratory infections. Nevertheless, such preventive measures haven’t been taken before, and the occupation administration is having difficulty resettling newly arrived occupiers, who are settling them in “liberated schools”.

Note that we are not talking about the front-line territories, where there is no educational process anyway, but about the rear regions, where there is no fighting.

We remind you that in the temporarily occupied areas of the Luhansk region, the Russians are forcing Ukrainian teachers to obtain Russian passports. All the teachers who remained at TOT were informed that they would be fired if they did not receive an enemy passport. At the same time, teachers must write an application to renounce Ukrainian citizenship, although it is allowed to have two passports in the Russian Federation.

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