The occupiers are massively checking the phones of TOT residents looking for Ukrainian media

In compliance with the decree of Vladimir Putin, the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories introduced sudden checks of phones for reading Ukrainian media.

Russians can draw 120% support in “referendums”, and Ukrainians continue to remain Ukrainians and mostly read Ukrainian news. Therefore, the Kremlin officially introduced total censorship in the territories where the occupiers cannot feel confident.

Now the occupiers walk the streets of temporarily occupied cities and selectively check the phones of local residents. They check browser history and Telegram and Viber channel subscriptions. The occupiers are also interested in whether a VPN is installed on the phone to bypass the blocking of Ukrainian sites.

The Center of National Resistance urges TOT residents to be vigilant and clear browser history and unsubscribe from Ukrainian Telegram channels before going outside. You can save links to verified news resources as a QR code. If possible, we ask the locals to leave the region for the period of the de-occupation operation.

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