The occupiers are not able to provide the population of the temporarily occupied territories of the east with fresh water

According to international law, it is the occupation authorities who are obliged to maintain the life of the occupied regions, but the occupiers ignore this requirement.

Currently, the level of fresh water in the reservoirs of the temporarily occupied regions of the east is critically low. Because of this, there is a high probability of disruption of the 2023/2024 heating season. Even the long-term construction of a water pipeline from the Don did not help.

Thus, residents of the Donetsk region continue to receive water in doses. During the issuance, cases of issuing summonses were recorded, as well as the requirement to provide personal data in exchange for water, or the issuance of water only if there is an enemy passport.

It should be noted that Russia brings its main cultural heritage – poverty – to the temporarily occupied lands. Thus, most grocery stores on the TOT have closed, and those that are working offer products at significantly higher prices.

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