The occupiers are preparing for a large-scale propaganda exhibition

The Kremlin continues to try to create the illusion of international support for the occupation of Ukraine.

Thus, in November, the Russians will open the forum “Russia” in Moscow, on the territory of VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) which will last until April 12, 2024. We would not have paid attention to it if it were not for an important nuance: the entire exhibition is aimed at “legalizing” the occupation.

The exhibition, which will also be available online (English version), will have specific interactive activities such as “Guess the city from the photo”, where photos of Ukrainian cities will be shown.

Another “exposition” is the “bridge of time” in which propagandists will prove that the occupied territories are Russia’s. Representatives of the occupation administrations are already preparing to attend the exhibition. 

Each participant in the propaganda exhibition is an accomplice of the occupiers and will be held accountable for their actions after the de-occupation of Ukrainian lands. We would like to remind you that you can bring the moment of liberation of your native land closer and report enemy concentrations by following the link.

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