The occupiers are preparing mobilization in the south

The Russians continue to mobilize in the occupied territories of Ukraine and intend to expand its geography

According to our data, the enemy began preparations for the conscription in Berdyansk, where the managers of condominiums were ordered to submit lists of residents of buildings of conscription age. Won’t be odd to remind that a condition for mobilization is a Russian passport, which is issued by Russians in the occupied territories.

We should also note that the Russians once again increased the pace of mobilization in the occupied Luhansk region, in particular, they took all the men from the Luhansk meat processing plant and the “Luhansk State Academy of Culture” into the army.

Reminder, earlier in Luhansk the occupation administration was so eager to satisfy Moscow in mobilizing Ukrainians as cannon fodder that they began to stop the work of the enterprises due to a lack of men.

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