The occupiers are proud of the destruction of ports on the Sea of Azov

The Russian Federation brings death and destruction, but continues to convince its victims that it is not.

The simplest example is the destroyed ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, the destruction of which the enemy calls “restoration”. Yes, the occupation administration reported on 26,000 tons of cargo traffic at the Berdyansk port, which are ridiculous numbers.

In general, the Russians promise that the two main ports of the Sea of Azov: Berdyansk and Mariupol in 2023 will achieve a million tons of total cargo handling.

We remind you that in 2021, the port of Berdyansk, despite not having the best of times, provided 1.6 million tons of cargo transshipment. The port of Mariupol had an indicator of 6.8 million tons. That is, in total, the ports handled 8.4 million tons of cargo.

The Russians manipulate figures like Orwell, not telling that they have destroyed an entire industry and now the ports serve only as a tool for the export of looted scrap, grain and are military facilities.

Do not be fooled by Russian propaganda, because this is a vivid example of how the occupiers have created a parallel world, the victims of which unfortunately are real people.

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