The occupiers are taking Russians and collaborators from the front-line areas to Henichesk

According to our underground information, collaborators and citizens of the Russian Federation are being deported from the frontline areas of the temporarily occupied areas of the Kherson region.

So far, it has been recorded that collaborators and their families from the villages of Berislav and Kozache of the Kherson region were taken to the temporarily occupied Henichesk. Preference is also given to citizens of the Russian Federation who are on an illegal business trip to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Therefore, the so-called evacuation concerns only collaborators and citizens of the Russian Federation. Ordinary residents of TOT, even those who have been issued Russian passports, are either left in the front-line areas, or sent to the territory of the Russian Federation through filtration camps.

The Center of National Resistance calls, if possible, to leave TOT and go to the territory controlled by Kyiv.

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