The occupiers are trying by any means to fill Russian schools on TOT

The occupation schools are not even half full, because the locals ignore training according to the “Russian program”. Therefore, the Kremlin resorts to various methods of filling classes to create a propaganda picture.

Most of the children have either gone abroad with their parents or are studying online in Ukrainian schools. Even the bribe system of 10,000 rubles for each child sent to Russian schools, which the occupiers introduced on the eve of September 1, does not work. Threats to parents regarding the confiscation of property and deprivation of parental rights did not work either.

At the same time, in some schools, the personal files of students are in the hands of the occupiers, so it is possible that they, together with armed Russian soldiers, will look for children at their addresses in order to fill classes.

Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls on residents of the Kherson region to evacuate during the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the region. We will return home after de-occupation.

Note that the situation is similar in other temporarily occupied regions. So in the Luhansk region, in Borova, 10 children went to the first grade. For comparison, the New Ukrainian School accepted 205 first-graders from Severodonetsk, and in total more than 8,200 children from this city.

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