The occupiers are trying to brainwash Ukrainian children in Crimea

Артек, Крим, пропаганда

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, propaganda measures by the occupation administration are intensifying in order to maintain the level of support for Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine among the population of the peninsula.

In this context, in the largest cities of the TOT of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the occupiers carried out various information and propaganda activities in support of the “special military operation”.

In particular, in the city of Sevastopol, the occupiers focused their propaganda efforts on working with children and teenagers, for which a “meeting” of a participant in the “special military operation” with children took place on the basis of the seized property of the State Enterprise of Ukraine “International Children’s Center “Artek”, and with the management of the “Ectotech+ School” was organized a “lesson of courage” for high school students dedicated to the fallen participants of the “special military operation”.

The National Resistance Center reminds that such measures of the enemy are aimed at destroying Ukrainian identity in the temporarily occupied territories of eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as the integration of Ukrainian children and adolescents into the socio-cultural space of the Russian Federation.

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