The occupiers are trying to create a network of propagandists on TOT

телебачення, пропаганда

The Russians continue to implement a policy of information blockade of the temporarily occupied territories and develop a network of propagandists.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the enemy has already created a number of pseudo-local media in the TOT which are controlled by the Russians. However, propagandists are not enough for the full functioning of these mass media and further expansion.

Thus, in Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, the occupiers have not yet been able to launch branches of the VGTRK (occupational propaganda holding) due to lack of personnel.

Therefore the Russians are creating “various training centers” financed by the Kremlin in order to find “young and talented journalists”.

In fact, these are centers where young people find themselves through various “social movements” in search of fame and easy money. In particular, such a center started working in Melitopol (“mediatopol”).

Note that voluntary work for the occupier is collaborationism. Therefore, all pseudo-journalists who work for the Kremlin channel on TOT will bear the responsibility stipulated by the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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