The occupiers at TOT are trying to force the parents of local students to accept changes in the educational process

For example, at the TOT of the Zaporizhzhia region, collaborators from “secondary education” institutions under the control of the occupiers put pressure on parents of students of secondary educational institutions with the aim of mandatory registration on the Russian educational platform “Spherum”.

The key idea is that it is possible to use this platform only if you have an account in the Vkontakte social network forbidden in Ukraine. In fact, this Russian “educational” Internet platform is intended for distance learning with access to so-called “educational” materials that have already been approved by the occupation Ministry of Education. This is another step on the part of the occupiers in an attempt to reorient the educational process to their own liking.

However, according to available information, as of the current month, the vast majority of parents of local students have not completed and do not intend to complete registration on this platform, as they do not perceive hostile standards, especially those related to changes in the educational process.

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