The occupiers began to issue residence permits to Russians who were brought to Melitopol

In Melitopol, the occupation authorities began to “legalize” the residence of Russians who were brought to the city.

The occupiers started issuing residence permits to Russians. All these documents are legally worthless and their only task is to artificially increase the number of voters in the pseudo-referendum.

According to the enemy’s plan, it is the imported Russians and their families who are supposed to act as extras in several precincts and participate in propaganda activities. Certificates of the same type should “legalize” their right to go to the “elections” and the “referendum”. The “Declaration of Will” was supposed to be held on September 11, but due to the lack of support and the total opposition of the locals, they decided to postpone it to approximately November 4.

The Center of National Resistance has already reported that the occupiers are actively taking Russian teachers to the temporarily occupied territories and settling them in the homes of Ukrainians who were forced to leave.

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