The main collaborator of Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, reported on the theft of motorboats in Henichesk for the “needs of the army.”
According to the collaborator, more than 30 boats were “seized” because the “authorities” have the right to attract technical means of the population for the needs of the army. He promised that after using them they would be returned to the population.
But the balance lied, because he is not the authority in the region and the Geneva Convention prohibits taking property from the population of the occupied territories for the needs of the enemy army. In fact, the occupiers simply officially
confirmed a small part of their looting in the region.
Recall that in January in the Kherson region, Russians have already seized floating equipment from the local population for the needs of the enemy army. The occupiers raided houses along the coastline in Nova Kakhovka. Vehicles were taken even without the knowledge of the owners, because they were evicted earlier. Of course, no one turned the boats back.
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