The occupiers bring state employees to “vote”

In the temporarily occupied territories, the farce called “single voting day” continues.

As part of this propaganda campaign, the Russians are trying to convince the world that the power in the Kremlin is legitimate and that there is a mechanism for changing this power in the country. The enemy pays special attention to “voting” in TOT, where, according to legend, the “election process” is needed by someone other than a handful of Gauleiters.

In order to draw a turnout, the enemy not only stretched out the “expression of will” for more than 10 days, and the “voting” itself was done with the place of residence, but also actively brought in a mass of state employees. So, in Kherson Oblast, all doctors were sent to vote at the polling stations, the majority of whom were brought from the Russian Federation.

We will remind you that the Ukrainian underground managed to carry out a successful sabotage against the occupation administration in the temporarily occupied territories in Nova Kakhovka.

The underground blew up the occupiers` car, which was used for movement, protection of “ballots” and “polling stations” during the so-called elections arranged by Kremlin in TOT.

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