The occupiers bring their propagandists to TOT to organize the broadcasting of their television stations

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians plan to launch branches of the All-Russian State Broadcasting Company.

The propaganda holding includes the channels “Russia-1”, “Russia-K”, “Russia-24”, “Carousel”, “RTR-Planet” and a number of radio stations. The occupiers plan to use the seized public broadcasting property and the existing broadcasting network (in particular, 196-meter TV towers in Mariupol and Melitopol) to organize broadcasting.

However, the problem for the enemy is the personnel, because most of the media in the TOT did not cooperate with the enemy. Therefore, the Russians bring propagandists from the regions of the Russian Federation to brainwash the local population.

Before retreating from Kherson, the Russians ransacked the branch of “Suspilne Kherson” and blew up the transmission center of the Kherson TV tower. The TV tower itself survived.

It should be noted that the Center of National Resistance reviews Russian lies every week. The last issue can be viewed at the link, expect the next one on November 20.

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