The occupiers complained about the reluctance of Ukrainians to receive Russian passports

In the temporarily occupied territories, forced passportization has been going on for a year and a half, but its pace is a failure for the enemy.

The most catastrophic situation for the enemy was in the south of the occupied Donbas, where only 20% of the local population received passports. In this regard, the Russians conducted a closed sociological study.

According to the results, the reasons for such low activity of local residents are

  • the lack of support for the occupation,
  • the lack of trust in the Gauleiters,
  • the low standard of living after the seizure, and the expectation of the liberation of the native land of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The National Resistance Center calls on the local population to continue to sabotage the enemy’s initiatives and speed up the moment of reoccupation. Report an enemy or collaborator by following the link.

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