The occupiers continue to distribute propaganda waste paper


Russians distribute free newspapers in the temporarily occupied territories to increase the pace of brainwashing the local population.

In Crimea, the enemy distributed another issue of printed waste paper called «Krymskaya Pravda», with a circulation of 8 thousand copies. In materials of «publication», the occupiers devoted the topic of full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. In particular, the main headlines were:

– «combat tails» (about the assistance allegedly provided by Crimean enterprises to the Russian occupation forces, in particular in the production of tail stabilizers for dropping explosive shells from UAVs);

– «single tax account» (on the introduction of a single tax collection system in Russia);
– «how far should the Russian occupation troops go deep into Ukraine” (imposing the idea of a high possibility of dragging out the war in Ukraine).

Note that despite the free of charge, the newspaper is not popular among locals and is used for other purposes.

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