The occupiers continue to embezzle funds on the TOT

Under the guise of allegedly «restoring» the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians are introducing new schemes for embezzlement of funds.

The Russians continue to actively implement the «free economic zone» project in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The occupiers cynically declare the alleged economic recovery of the region. However, the main goal is the financial enrichment of the political leadership of the Russian Federation. In particular, this project is being implemented by the so-called «Territory Development Fund», which is personally supervised by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Marat Khusnilin. Since the end of 2022, Khusnulin has placed his «overseers» in all temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine. The main purpose of which is to control the distribution of financial flows that the Russian authorities publicly direct to the already mentioned «restoration».

However, the restoration itself ends in the offices of the Russian occupation administrations and demonstration meetings. In particular, a meeting on the integration of food enterprises into the «free economic zone» of the region was held in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson oblast. This event was attended by the head of the regional «Territory Development Fund» Maryna Guryanova. Its mission is to control the preservation of Marat Khusnilin’s key financial requests and the transfer of funds through controlled enterprises.

According to information from the underground, in the future, the occupiers plan to use the funds allocated for the «development of the food industry» through the seized and controlled enterprises in the TOT, also redistributing the flow of theft of Ukrainian grain. One of the routes of grain theft is its export to Rostov-on-Don. According to the underground, Russian enterprises Alliance Trade LLC and Rail-Techno LLC, which are registered to Konstantin Borisovich Sevostyanov, are involved in this.

It will be recalled that earlier the Russians «legalized» another theft in the TOT, then it was about a billion for «industry».

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