The occupiers do not pay the promised “welfare” in Melitopol

The school year according to the Russian program in the temporarily occupied territories has failed, but the occupiers are still trying to bribe citizens in TOT.

In Melitopol, parents of schoolchildren who were forced to send their children to schools where Russian teachers currently work did not receive a payment of 10,000 rubles. Earlier, the occupiers promised everyone such help if the children would study at school. Indeed, at first the Russians created a humanitarian crisis in order to force people to look for any possibility to survive. But now, in order to receive the promised payment, you need to prepare a package of documents.

Now you need to write an application and submit copies of the parents’ passports with other codes and the child’s birth certificate. You also need a residence permit or other certificate confirming the place of residence. Only after that, the Russians promise to pay the funds. This is necessary for the Russians, who are trying by all means to collect personal data of citizens in order to increase the pace of forced passporting. Therefore, the next stage for receiving social benefits will be the presence of a Russian passport.

The Center of National Resistance calls for a boycott of the passporting of the enemy and evacuation from the occupied territories for the period of the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the region.

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