The occupiers do not return children, who were taken to the Russian Federation on “vacation”, to their parents

The enemy does not return to parents their children whom he took before on “vacation” to children’s camps in the Russian Federation.

Some parents who remained on the temporarily occupied territories sent their children to children’s camps in the Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation. However, later in the region, the occupiers introduced the so-called “martial law”, and with it, they announced the “evacuation” and, in fact, the deportation of the local population.

Russians confronted the parents with the fact that the children were “delayed for an indefinite period of rest” and ordered to send them warm clothes. Children were also illegally sent to local Russian schools for further russification.

In fact, the children are now hostages of the occupiers. With their help the russians want to take the parents of those children to the Russian Federation, that is, to deport local people.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT, if possible, to leave the region until it is liberated by the armed forces of Ukraine.

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