The occupiers forbade the departure of conscripted men from TOT

In the south, conscripted men are forbidden to leave the region without the commandant’s permission.

Officially only for the time of the referendum to ensure security, but in general it is clear that after the referendum the enemy will announce mobilization on the occupied lands as well because it needs human resources.

At the same time, parties of Kadyrov militants arrived in Kherson and are supposed to help the occupying administrations to ensure the implementation of the plan regarding the “formation of volunteer battalions”.

In particular, lists of 8,000 people to be mobilized have been created in the Kherson region, and of 4,000 people in the Zaporizhzhia region. The lists were formed by the occupation administrations and the FSB. The mobilized are expected to be sent to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center urges not to leave the house during the “referendum” period and not to open the door to the so-called “electoral commission” members.

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