The occupiers give aid to schoolchildren who write an application to join the Kremlin movements

On the eve of September 1, the occupiers began to issue school kits, but the condition for receiving them is an application to join the “youth” movements of the Kremlin.

In particular, it is about the “Movement of the First”, a neo-Komsomol organization that serves the interests of the Russian dictator. In particular, it organizes a rally, simulates support for the occupation and helps falsify “elections” or hold a “referendum”.

It is this organization that tries to attract as many students and pupils as possible to organize propaganda events. Admission to the structure gives preferences such as cash gifts, free leisure or even a flight reservation for bad grades.

It will be recalled that earlier at the TOT of Zaporizhzhia, the occupiers announced the opening of cadet classes in captured schools. Militants from the “Rosguard” will oversee the process of militarization of Ukrainian teenagers.

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