The local population refuses to cooperate with the Russians.
Despite the rotation of Russian workers in various fields in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, the occupiers still have problems with mid-level specialists.
After the unsuccessful attempts of the Russians to attract the local population to cooperation, they established a system of “business trips” to the TOT of workers from the Russian Federation.
Most of the leading positions in the occupation administrations and structures were almost immediately occupied by Russians. However, serious problems remain with mid-level workers. The Russians are constantly looking for workers among the locals, but this does not work and the occupiers must apply a much heavier and more resource-intensive process of “business trips” to the TOT of workers from the Russian Federation.
Local traitors are already experiencing an increase in tension and in order for those collaborators who are already working for the Russians not to escape, their passports are confiscated. In particular, this practice began to be applied to Melitopol collaborators. The Center of National Resistance calls on local collaborators to cooperate with the Ukrainian defense forces. After all, when you cease to be necessary for Russians, the chances of survival are significantly reduced.

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