The occupiers have problems with the conduct of the pseudoreferendum

According to intelligence, the fake declaration of will may not take place in all temporarily occupied areas due to the failures of the Russian army.

The Kremlin really believed that they would be able to gain a foothold and control the entire territory of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhia regions by the summer. That is why they planned to hold the so-called “referendum” on September 11. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the underground in the temporarily occupied territories significantly influenced the course of hostilities.

But the Russians continue to promote the topic of the “referendum” in the information field and prepare a propaganda picture. They understand that even staged voting may not take place in all temporarily occupied communities. There are many reasons for this besides failures at the front. First of all, it is the resistance of the local population and the threat from the partisans, who already know how to work with the enemy’s headquarters.

Therefore, the occupiers can direct their staging in specific large cities and then show this picture to the citizens of the Russian Federation and the world. We once again call on the residents of TOT not to participate in a fake show of will in order not to become an actor in this performance.

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