The occupiers in Crimea do not know how to solve problems with water supply due to the terrorist attack at hydroelectric power stations

After the Russians blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, serious problems with water supply arose in the temporarily occupied Crimea.
At the same time, Moscow curators instructed the head of the occupation administration of the peninsula to hush up the critical situation. The occupiers do not have a clear plan on how to solve the problem of providing fresh water to the inhabitants of the peninsula. Therefore, the occupation administration of the TOT of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is trying to avoid extensive coverage of the situation with the destruction of the dam of the Kakhovka Dam and its impact on the supply of water to the peninsula through the North Crimean Canal. In this context, the enemy is trying to prevent panic among the local population, in particular, coverage of the criminal actions of the Russian army.
Instead of working in terms of infrastructure, the Russians once again adhere to their propaganda methods.
Such actions in the TOT of Crimea indicate that the Russians have doubts about the ability to keep the peninsula.
All in all the Ukrainian underground records all occupiers and collaborators. Inevitable punishment waits for all crimes committed against the people of Ukraine. In this regard, the Center of National Resistance calls on the citizens of Ukraine in the TOT to help the cells of the resistance movement and safely cooperate through social networks with representatives of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. And inform us about traitors and occupiers.

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