The occupiers in Kherson strengthened their own security measures due to partisan activity

Enemy patrols in Kherson now go on duty in full gear and look like “astronauts”. Although until now they “walked” without protective equipment.

Resistance is growing in the city in connection with the approach of Ukrainian Armed Forces, so the enemy command feels that “the situation has changed.” So, a few days ago the patrol of the occupiers was armed with AK-47s and almost in full dress uniform on Svobody Square. Now the Russians do not take off their body armor and helmets even while sitting in a car, from which they mostly do not get out.

However, in our opinion, such security measures cannot prevent what is bound to happen sooner or later. Therefore it makes sense for the command to use the services of the Antonov bridge and leave the city while they have such opportunity.

Reminder, earlier the Center of National Resistance reported that in Kherson the Russians cannot establish the educational process because the staff and students ignore their schools.

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