The occupiers in Melitopol loot markets and kidnap locals

In recent days, the occupiers have turned the temporarily occupied Melitopol into a military base.

Thus, in the city and its surroundings, a fortified area is being actively created and mining continues. Locals are forcibly involved in digging trenches. In addition, a lot of infantry from the Kherson direction appeared in the city, the occupiers are resettled in the houses of the residents of the surrounding villages, and the owners of the apartments are evicted.

In Melitopol itself, cases of looting were recorded, in particular, Russians who arrived after the defeat of the battle for Kherson took products from local markets.

Also, no local people are allowed in the area of ​​the Melitopol airport, except for those who live there. There are recorded cases when people who went to visit old relatives were detained and sent to the basement.

The Center of National Resistance calls on local residents to leave the city if possible before its de-occupation.

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